May 15, 2012

mob wives

Yesterday was the season finale of one of my favorite reality shows ever on American tv: Mob Wives.The show follows 6 staten island women after their husbands or fathers are arrested and imprisoned for crimes connected to the mafia. The serie is just ridiculous in every single way. 
The 6 women are crazy, the clothes are horrible, the language is ****, but the show is just so funny and great to watch. Ceesie things that American tv is loco, totally over the top and hysterical. But I do love it, another guilty pleasure of Ceesie I guess. 


Patricia said...

Mob wives is one of my guilty pleasures too, it's so hilarious. Absolutely love big Ang :D

Vincent said...

Sometimes you're writing about a thing noone is really interested in.
Mob wives??? What a f..k???
You're just as a writer, bloger if you want, and need to choose the right subject for your post.
Sorry Cessie.