May 1, 2012


In addition to restaurants, shopping, drinking and walking around with my parents we also did some cultural stuff. 
For the moment there are two great exhibitions showing in NYC, the first one is Cindy Sherman at the MOMA. I didn't really knew much about Cindy Sherman's work, but I was really impressed by her art. The  New York artist is crazy in my eyes. She takes conceptual portraits and dresses up in the most eccentric personas. Very fun and original to watch.
The other exhibition that we visited was Keith Harring at the Brooklyn museum. For people who never heard of Keith Harring, he is one of the best known American artist of the twentieth century. He died from aids at a very young age and was best known for his graffiti and cartoon art. 
Ceesie loved both exhibitions and thinks they're a total must see before the summer! 

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Vincent said...

Photoes are just great.
Love it.