Jun 11, 2012

Hamptons fun

My friend invited me to go to her house in the Hamptons and Ceesie obviously couldn't turn down a fun weekend at the beach.
It's always great to trade the rush of the city for some fresh air and relaxed vibes.
We spent the entire weekend on the boat, tanning, swimming, drinking, shopping,... We did it all, I even went to a real american BBQ. (Tons of burgers and coleslaw involved)
Having changed 2 skin tones and gaining 3 pounds I'm back in Manhattan for another week of gym, castings and photo shoots.
Summer has officially started!


Matthew said...

Looks Like fun Ceasar! Where did you get Those shorts?? Me likely!

ceesie said...

Burberry Prorsum

Lilalabeth said...

kidding me! aargh :)

Ferry said...

I'd say you got about 16 skin tones darker from the first to the last picture ;-)

Nacho Uve said...

Beautiful blog!! I love pics!! ;)


John King said...

Just found your blog man, funny stuff! Great recipes too.