Jun 25, 2012

sneaker freak

Do you remember when I posted on my blog that every running shoe is disgusting? Well, Ceesie finally found a pair that looks good.
Normally I always wear boots, but since I discovered these Nike running shoes I just can't leave my house without.
In NYC I walk a lot and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT!!! I walk everywhere from my house in Tribeca.
When I have a casting on 55th street and 5th avenue, I walk. When I go to Williamsburg to meet my friends, I walk. Ceesie is a walker and I realised that walking in heavy boots is not ca va for my poor feet. So Ceesie goes now for a sexy/chic sporty look to walk down the streets of NYC.


Anonymous said...


ceesie said...

I like them!!!

Serdane said...

Yeah ! This one is super great ! Enjoy !


Anonymous said...

I hope Ceesie 'll cope with his shoe fetishism ... It's largely up to him!

Anonymous said...

Great shoes,its nice to see comfort and style blend when it comes to shoes.I wish I lived in the places you travel,I live in the south..sidewalks are a very rare thing down here..which is why half the population is so fat!!

Grey said...

Cesar, do you like Margiela sneaks? They are pretty stylish, check them out!

I think they'd suit your style, maybe?