Jul 24, 2012

Gentse feesten

O M GUCCI! Finally "de gentse feesten" are O-V-E-R!
The 10 days festival in my city ghent is done and done.
I love/hate the Genste feesten. For me there are way to many people, to much noise and 10 days is just way to long for someone who lives in the city and can't escape from it.
But I have to admit that we have amazing parties and amazing street theatre during the festival.
You can party 24/7, 10 days long: DANGER for Ceesie!
Now another year of detoxing before going back to the 10 days of party hardy and drinking Irish coffees @ de vlasmarkt.


Anonymous said...

Throughout the years, the Ghent festival has become too much a mass event. It has not retained some of the rebellious and anarchistic atmosphere of the early days.
An increasingly younger audience (the Jupiler 50 cl-generation) use/abuse the festival to binge drink. So to say the least, public drunkenness is not entirely unseen...

KAIIWONG said...

Ziet er heeel gezellig uit !!


Lise Devos said...

Gentse Feesten waren super!


Anonymous said...


x elsie