Jul 28, 2012


Ceesie has arrived in Ibiza!
For the second time in my life I'm on the island of fun, danger, sun, good food, great parties and amazing beaches.
I'm here for 7 days this time, but the first 3 days were already unforgettable...
Straight from the flight I met up with some of my friends who where on a boat... It was all just a blur to me or should I call it a dream?!
The boat was magnificent, chic and HUGE! I had fresh fish for lunch and jumped several times in the clear blue water to refresh.
The first night we stayed at a friends house who has an authentic Finca in the country side of Ibiza.
We enjoyed a nice dinner and Ceesie cooked some healthy salads from his upcoming cookbook and stayed the day after at the pool relaxing, tanning and picking fresh figs from the tree.
Today was just another day of doing nothing, eating, swimming and enjoying this amazing island.
Chic c'est la vie de Ceesie! ;-)

To be continued...


Matthew said...

Fun! I love infinity Pools. Nice shorts again, you lucked out on the swimwear this summer ;)

Anonymous said...

I am in Ibiza too !!
have à nice trip my friend !!!

Anonymous said...

you are so chic and sexy !!

Anonymous said...

Hi ceesir :p
can you tel us somting about your workout routin ???


Lise Devos said...

Looks amazing! Now following you!