Aug 4, 2012


All good things come to an end, so ended my ibiza trip.
I think I had one of the best holidays ever in my life...
The last 3 days were just as incredible as the first, or maybe even better.
My friend and I had amazing dinners, relaxed, discovered the most beautiful beaches and enjoyed the island like a real local. No 'playa den Bossa' or 'Sant Antonio' for Ceesie! (THANK GOD!)
Ceesie did it all in style and had lots of adventures and unforgettable experiences.
I got invited to Mister Valentino's yacht. The boat was the most beautiful I had ever seen!
I had drinks with Valentino, Giancarlo Giammetti and Olivia Palermo: CHIC!
The next day my friend and I went to one of the smallest but most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, Formentera. We rented a bike and went from little bay to little bay. The island reminded me of the Bahamas, the water was clear blue and the beaches as white as snow.
The last night my friend and I had a major KIKI at club Pacha. I mean, I couldn't go home without having a giant party, right? After all it's Ibiza...
Now all tanned, relaxed and missing Ibiza I'm back in Belgium and working non stop on my cooking so it will be finished in time.
Next year you'll see me back Ibiza,


Anonymous said...

How is it possible that you get to live this fabulous life?

Vincent said...

Ohhh, you look so nice, so tanned, with Valentino.
You're just so lovely person Cesar and even more with your tanned skin.

Vincent said...

Oh my god,
I really wish to work for Valentino one day.

SDR said...

Wat een leven ;-)

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

does the pacha still exists?? fabulous!