Aug 10, 2012

work that body

Some of my followers asked me before what my workout routine is, so here I'll tell you my secret to stay in shape.
Besides eating healthy and fresh another (and probably the most important) way to keep fit is to workout on a regular basis.
Ceesie tries to workout at least 5 times a week.
I like to do my sports in the morning, I think when you do them in the am you stay healthy through the entire day. I mean who wants to go for a fattening lunch after you just did one hour of exercise?
My exercise starts with a 30 minute run. I like to run outside in a park or on the west side highway, when I'm in NYC.
Ceesie loves to run, it's good for the body, easy and you can do it anywhere.
I also try to swim a lot so I often mix the two for my warm up.
After my 30 minute run or swim I go for a 45 minute full body workout: lifting weights, abs, squats,...
I don't lift too heavy weights, as I don't wanna get bigger! I still need to fit my skinny jeans and my slim fitted blazer after all. ;-)
When I don't feel like exercising I force myself to do a group class at the gym. Chelsea piers has the best classes!! 'Body sculpt' and 'ab lab' are my personal favorites.
Hope my workout routine makes you guys hit the gym hard, cause remember: Your body is your temple!


Anonymous said...

You look so cute in that pic. :)

Anonymous said...

thnx my friend, i will try !!

paucalzon said...

tienes una nueva seguidora :3

Alex said...

Hey Ceesie,

Where are your favorite boots from?


Anonymous said...

Cesar for Workout - DVD!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the AX campaign.... I saw it and recognized you from your blog.

Chris said...

ok, I connect my wii-fit :pp

Kim said...

Vijf keer per week? Wow dat hou ik niet vol, met twee keer ben ik al supertrots op mezelf :D

Vincent said...

Hot pants!!!!