Sep 11, 2012

Meet The Hilton Sisters

Fashion week is almost over and Ceesie had lots of kiki's.
As I'm not doing the shows this season, cause I was still in Belgium working on the cookbook during the castings, I went to see a few fashion shows and went to the best fashion parties.
But I guess one of my most craziest and unforgettable nights was Monday night.
I met up with my friend, Derek Blasberg, to go to the purple magazine dinner at the standard and when I arrived I was very surprised that his 2 friends were Paris and Nicky Hilton.
Ceesie all relaxed and down to earth acted like it was all normal and fun. (Inside I was screaming from excitement).
After the fancy dinner we drove with the sisters to the Opening Ceremony party where we saw my all time favorite rapster Lil' Kim perform.
Paris, Nicky and Ceesie went crazy on "how many licks" and had the best time ever.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting.

Jill. said...

Saw the first picture in the Belgium newspaper this week ;)

Fresco said...

Zoals ons Astrid zou zeggen: 'amazing' :-)

Vincent said...

Paris is just adorable.
It's not your firt time meeting Paris, isn't it???

Anonymous said...

Gij ebt echt het meest zalige leven ooit :/ ben zot jaloers :p en ik zit hier maar op d'humaniora mij te vervelen :p !

PS: super goe bezig ! Prachtige foto's vn AX !