Sep 30, 2012

sunday is brunch day

I don't know any other city in the world where brunch is so present on a sunday as in New York.
I sometimes have the feeling that brunch is a civic obsession here.
By living in the big apple I really enjoy and appreciate going for brunch on the weekends.
It's a fun way to heal the hangover and to catch up with your best friends.
The brunch menus of some restaurants are endless and sometimes ridiculous.
From pancakes or waffles to burgers, salads, eggs Benedicts or heavy pastas and the real New Yorkers flush it all down with unlimited mimosas or bloody marys.
But Ceesie's all time favorite is a greek yoghurt mixed with granola, fresh berries and dried fruits.
( Yes you're allowed to call me boring or a health freak )

Here are 3 of my favorite brunch places in NYC:
- The Smile, 26 Bond street
- Peels, 325 bowery
- Cafe Gitane, 242 Mott street


Jill. said...

Looks delicious!!

electric feel said...


Fresco said...

I LOVE Greek yoghurt, where’s it for breakfast, brunch or evening snack. Always with a drop of honey, right?