Oct 18, 2012

I hate...

- slow walkers.
- leaving the house and thinking that you didn't turn off the stove.
- having an early call time.
- flying over seas in a middle seat.
- being hungover at a family dinner.
- being stuck on the subway for 30 minutes.
- ordering a vodka soda and when you receive the drink it just tastes like soda: where is the vodka?
- people being late.
- rain on a holiday.
- waiting for over 1 hour to get your food in a restaurant.
- seeing that someone saw your bbm , but no reply.
- having amazing campaign options and no confirmations.
- being sick on new years.
- rain and no umbrella.
- white shoes and dog shit = BAD COMBO!
- hosting your own birthday party.
- the guilty feeling after eating a hamburger.
- when dry cleaning ruined your favorite leather jacket.
- a latte without foam.
- not finding your keys while you're already late.
- the feeling of wet swimwear on your skin.
- traffic.
- Nicolas Cage


Anonymous said...

the last one ! hahah i don't like him too :D

Vincent said...

The cover of model kitchen is really great.

Anonymous said...

sooo recognizable :-)

miss búúú said...

haha, i understand your problem with the vodka soda, it happened to me a few times, i hate it! :D

Vincent said...

Subway??? In NY???
Why don't you buy a car?

Anonymous said...

Hi cesar

can you tell me about some good place to go out, eating and clubs in NYC !!!

Thanks !!

Anonymous said...

Haha I hate Nicholas Cage too!

Fresco said...

I’m with you on no. 7 when I order a G&T

electric feel said...

definitely number one!

sam said...

agree slow walkers and 1 actor cage

sam said...

some agree like restaurant and dog and traffic

Fifikoussout said...

haha amen on the nicolas cage hating!

Milex said...

love u

Anonymous said...

Haha you're wonderful :)

Jenny Reyes said...

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