Oct 22, 2012


Ceesie just received the first copy of MODEL KITCHEN!!
My publisher shipped it all the way to NYC, so I could have a first look of the finished product.
I'm so happy, thankful and proud of what I've accomplished.
I really worked hard on it... I selected all the recipes, got in contact with the models, did the food styling myself. My friend, Maƫl, and I even cooked the food on the shoot ourselves.
I hope the book will be a HUGE success, when it goes on sale on november 7th in Belgium and hopefully soon in other places in the world, as we are currently shopping for the right publisher in the US.
Now I can finally delete it from my bucket list... What's next? A club hit?


Charlotte Everaert said...

wheeee nice! Will it be for sale in Belgium? :D
xo Charlotte

stephan bosenius said...

congrats! love the title and the cover!

will there be an english version? i could not find it on amazon - where will it be sold?

all best


ceesie said...

There will be an english version for sure. But It will take some time before it will be on sale on internet... First is Belgium, after that THE WORLD! ;-)

Inigo Abigail said...

As your big fan i am so happy for you Cesar! I'm curious about whas inside and can't wait to get one copy for myself! Give us a little sneak peek! lol Congratulations by the way for you and wishing all the best for your gorgeous new book, Model Kitchen.

All the way from East,


Jill. said...

Ben heel erg benieuwd naar het resultaat!!

sweet harvest moon said...

Congrats! Ik ben er super benieuwd naar!

loius said...


Sam said...

Cesar i want chocolate cake =)

Fresco said...

"Shall we finish off the beluga or shall we have some smoked salmon and nibbly things?"

Lights? Models? Food? Just do your best darling

Ben benieuwd :-)

Anonymous said...

O-M-GUCCI! I absolutely LOVE your hair! Did you get a haircut?

John King said...

Congrats! I'm looking forward to checking it out

Gnam said...

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Anonymous said...

En op de boekenbeurs yesssss!

Niels Van De Broeck said...

Zalig! een MUST HAVE!! See you in Antwerp @ boekenbeurs?? Signeer je 4 november??

SC said...


Anonymous said...

I wanted to personally thank you for your book, I bought it as soon as it was for sale in K-town(BE)last week and I love it! It's an honour to the stylish lifestyle of us young potentials ;) Thanks a lot! Cheers! Jill J.cb

Anonymous said...

Hi Cesar,

I wonder if you can send me the cover image of the MODEL KITCHEN book.
We want to include it into the news feature in Marie Claire Magazine.

Best regards,
Kostas Putylenko,
Picture Editor
Marie Claire Ukraine

Hearst Shkulev Ukraine
146, Zhilyanska str., Kiev, Ukraine
tel.: +380 44 496 15 92

Jewdee said...

oh Cesar,

congratulation on such delicious journey!
can't wait to have a copy here at the tropicals...

cheers from Brasil!

olive said...

Hello, Cesar.

The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi, UAE, has a short news about your cookbook. Can you send me a hi-res book cover please?



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