Nov 15, 2012


Ceesie is on his way to Yves Saint Laurent's favorite holiday destination... Marrakech!
I'm going for a short trip with my mom to celebrate the book and to enjoy a well deserved holiday after all my hard work.
I'm so exited to discover the Moroccan culture, but I'm most exited to enjoy the amazing hammams and to eat tons of dried figs and dades.
Morroco hold you horses - or should I say camels - cause here comes Ceesie.


Fresco said...

Do you know that the Majorelle Gardens of YSL's house are open for public? A great spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the Medina

Anonymous said...

Hi there enjoy your trip ! You're absolutely gonna fall in love with Marrakech ! Enjoy the monkeys , cobras , the tagines , the bellydancers, the gnawas, the curiosities and the moroccan culture ! I hope you have a great great time Big kiss From MARRAKECH :D

Lara R said...
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Anonymous said...

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