Dec 19, 2012

And the earth died screaming while I laid dreaming

The main question that is spinning threw Ceesie's mind for the past week is if the world is really coming to an end.
If we have to believe the Mayas we only have 48 hours to live!
Scary if you ask me.
To be honest I never believed in it and I still don't know if I should, but some of my friends made me a little scared with sharing me their theories and showing me the most crazy youtube videos.
This might sound weird but Ceesie wouldn't mind the end of the world : If it happens, it happens!
I had a great life and I enjoyed every moment of it. After all, we will all die together so there is no reason to survive!

If I knew for sure the world would come to an end I would do these things in the next 2 days:
- Eat everything I want (without feeling guilty afterwards): Chocolate, mac and cheese, bagels, Cinnamon rolls, candy,....
- Go bungee jumping.
- Rob a bank.
- Tell my parents how much I love them.
- Go to the most fancy restaurant in my town and invite all my best friends.
- Buy the most expensive outfit at an amazing store (and wear it at the dinner).
- Punch the person I hate the most in the face.
- Buy a homeless person a night in a 5 star hotel.
- Swim with a dolphin.
- Party for 48 hours.
- Make love till the world ends.


Lilalabeth said...

it's not ending sweety.
and i already slapped you in the face

ceesie said...


Frederik N said...

According to you then which restaurant is the most fancy one in town? :)

Fresco said...

Well, we’re all still here, but if the end of the end world was near, I would eat all the scones at The Albion in London :-)

I wrote about it:

Jawed Ali said...

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Anonymous said...

I can help you with the last one ;)