Dec 31, 2012


Today is the last day of 2012 and when I look back at this unforgettable year I look back with proud and excitement . Maybe 2012 was Ceesie's best year so far.
The best thing that happened to me, without a doubt, was the publication of my cookbook MODEL KITCHEN. (Which is doing extremely well by the way)
It all started as a fun blog post on this blog and it ended up in an amazing 224 pages thick cookbook.

The other thing I can't overlook unnoticed are my 2 campaigns of Armani Exchange. The first time I saw that huge billboard on 5th avenue I almost screamed from excitement, a moment that Ceesie will never forget.
But not only my work was impressive over the past year, also the places Ceesie got to visit are not bad at all: Montreal, Shanghai, Marrakech, Seoul, Palm Beach, Venice,… All cities I had never been before and who are worth the visit. And of course not to forget my unforgettable holiday in Ibiza with my close friend Virginie, probably the best summer getaway ever. Sipping champagne at Valentino's yacht? I mean… CA VA!
Oh, I almost forgot to mention our new family member Perro, the cutest dog ever.

I hope and secretly feel that 2013 will be even better! 
Toast to the good life and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my followers, Ceesie loves you all!


S. said...

May 2013 be the year I get my copy of Model Kitchen autographed in exchange for some awkward stares and a stuttering "thanks" <3

Stine de ridder said...

May all your dreams come true !!!

J. said...

Happy 2013 Ceesie!

Vincent said...

Happy new year Cees.

Charlotte Everaert said...

ceesie you're fabbbb
xo your admirer aliceroxy

sweet harvest moon said...

Gelukkig nieuwjaar!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year, Cieser Casor!

Kenneillia Mighty said...

lol. Really loving that Santa Hat.
Kool Post!

Do you want to follow each other? Let me know :D

Kenneillia M.