Feb 25, 2012


Ceesie has finished his first day of the big food shoot for his upcoming cookbook.
I have to make more than 75 dishes in one week, a lot of work but so worth it.
Today I've made lentil salad with smoked trout, mussels with coconut milk, quinoa salad with fresh salmon, avocado with pomegranate and grapefruit and some of my guilty pleasures like speculoos tiramisu and my all time favorite scones.
Let the cooking begin!!!!!

Feb 22, 2012


Ceesie was in Montreal for 3 days and to be honest I was expecting a little more of this city.

Maybe it was the cold weather or maybe it was because I didn't knew where to go, but I do think I did pretty good for a Canadian virgin.

My hotel was located in the old part of Montreal which is super cute and very pretty, it reminded me of an old european city.

I arrived on monday afternoon and was super jet-lagged, so I relaxed in my hotel where I got a free upgrade to a deluxe suite and walked around the old part of the city. Tuesday I had to shoot all day and wednesday was my day to explore.

Ceesie was wide awake at 6 am and went crazy in the gym. After my workout I went for my daily breakfast, granola with yoghurt and fresh fruits, in a very cute place called 'OLIVE + GOURMANDO'. After I went to the hipster neighbourhood 'Mile end' where I did some vintage shopping and had one of the best bagels ever at 'Saint-Viateur bagel store', so yummie!

Now back in Belgium for a busy week of cooking for the cookbook.

Feb 15, 2012


Last week Ceesie had a shoot in the city of love, Paris. All the clothes I needed to put on were clothes with tons of prints and lots of bright colors. They perfectly captured the heydays of bombastic '90s Versace.

Normally I HATE logos, prints and flashy colors. My mom always tells me I'm kind of classic and very safe in my choice of what I put on.

I guess I just like to be less "Trendy" and more "Chic C'est la vie." ;-)

But while shooting and looking from time to time in the mirror I didn't mind wearing all those 90's type of clothes. Over the past year or so, the trend has popped up everywhere. There was not one brand that didn't had prints, logos or flashy colors in there collection this season.

I guess the classic Versace-va-va-voom is back on track and Ceesie doesn't hate it.

Feb 12, 2012

Feb 9, 2012

Moss + Depp

If there was one hot Hollywood couple it was definitely Kate Moss and Johnny Depp.
I mean is there anything more sexier, cooler or more rock`n roll looking than these two bombshells together? I don't think S-O!
I don't know why but I'm always intrigued when I see old pictures of Kate and Johnny when they were a couple.
Ceesie wishes that they had made a baby.

Feb 7, 2012

La vache qui rit

Ceesie has a new accessory and no it's not a baby, it's a piercing! ;-)

Feb 5, 2012


The queen of pop is back and I don't hate it at all.
Madonna has only just released her lead single off of her new album MDNA, Give Me All Your Luvin', on iTunes, and within 12 hours, she had DOMINATED the charts!
Even though Madonna is 53 I still think that she owns pop music like no one else.
No Gaga, no Britney, no Christina will ever be as big as Madge.
Let's all get crazy in the clubs with some MDNA!

Feb 1, 2012


Is having a baby the new accessory of 2012?
People around me seems to be getting children like there is no tomorrow.
In my hometown almost all of my older friends are pregnant, just got a new born baby or are thinking about getting a new member in the family.
It made me think if I will ever become a father and I think yes, but not for the next 10 years!
For Ceesie it's important that you have a good job, a nice house, no stress and above all don't have any financial problems while raising a child. I mean, what's worse than growing up your sweetheart without having money to spoil him or her?
For me 30-35 is the perfect age to get a baby.
Can you imagine me strollin' around the streets with a baby stroller at my age? I don't think S-O.
Or maybe I do... I think I kind of look hot as a young dad. LOL!