Mar 29, 2012

blame it on the Alcohol

Ceesie discovered that New York doesn't run on dunkin, it runs on alcohol.
I have a feeling that there's always a reason to drink in NYC. Either it's a birthday, an event, a welcome back, a goodbye or a dinner with friends there is just always alcohol involved. In Belgium I only drink once a week and that's when I go out to party. But here, in the big apple, that's almost impossible.
Ceesie doesn't see the use of pouring himself full with sugar, calories and alcohol every day.
For me drinking = partying.
But I guess while being in NY I will have to recall my thought to drinking = socialising.

Mar 26, 2012


After living in Williamsburg, the East village and Midtown Ceesie now lives in Tribeca.
I never really hanged around in Tribeca before, so I'm very exited to explore my new hood which is full of little restaurants, cute shops and nice coffee bars. There is even a great Mexican in front of my building who serves amazing frozen margaritas! Can I be anywhere better?
Tribeca is also the most fancy and most expensive neighborhood of Manhatten.
Ceesie's neighbors are Beyonce and Jay-z, Robert De Niro, the Olson twins, Mariah Carey and many more.
Chic c'est la vie!

(view from my room)

Mar 23, 2012

New york city boy

Ceesie is back where he belongs and that's: NEW YORK!
After 4 months of being everywhere and nowhere, I'm finally back in my favorite city.
So happy to hang with my friends, work, drink soy lattes at my favorite coffee shop, go food shopping at whole foods, drink frozen margaritas at benny's burrito, workout at chelsea piers and enjoy strolling around the city that never sleeps!
Let the adventures begin.

Mar 15, 2012


With spring around the corner fashion is all about colors!
To be honest Ceesie always wears black skinny jeans with a pair of boots, black oversized T-shirt and a simple jacket. Black is my favorite colour when it comes to clothing. Why? Not sure... Maybe cause it makes you look skinnier (LOL) or maybe cause it's safe.
But yesterday the french newspaper "Le Figaro" came out, with me in it. After looking at the pictures I kind of wanna wear more colors and retro prints for upcoming summer. Ceesie loves the idea of putting bold colors together.
Let the sunshine in!

Mar 9, 2012


Ceesie just finished reading the biography of Isabella Blow, the famous English stylist and magazine editor who committed suicide by drinking a whole bottle of weedkiller.
The book tells the story of her life in a funny/sad/realistic way.
To be honest I didn't knew much about Miss Blow and was really surprised what an astonishing career and personality she had.
'Blow by blow' is an amazing book for everyone who loves fashion or who just want to read an extraordinary biography.

Mar 6, 2012


Ceesie was in Paris for Paris fashion week and loved it!
Even though it was raining and grey weather while I was there I still enjoyed walking around in one of the most beautiful cities of the world.
For Ceesie Paris fashion week is the best fashion week there is, with the best parties and the best shows.
This time I got an invitation to go see the show of one of my favorite brands: GIVENCHY.
For me Givenchy is pure chicness with a good touch of dark rock'n roll.
But I was kind of disappointed this time, the clothes were not that amazing and the casting was kind of lame to me.
To be honest I was more exited about the front row than about the fashion itself.
Kanye, Diddy, Cassie, Alicia Keys, Amanda Lear, Marina Abramovic,... All together at one show: FAMOUS!