Apr 28, 2012

the parents in NYC

Ceesie had visitors this week.
After almost 3 years my dad and stepmom came to visit me again in the city that never sleeps.
I always love to have people over from Belgium. I enjoying showing them my favorite restaurants, bars, shops and neighbourhoords. Even though you always have to do the same museums, show them the same famous monuments and buildings I don't mind feeling like a tourist myself in NYC. That's how much I love this city.

Apr 23, 2012


Ceesie just finished his 4 days juice cleanse... To be honest I really like juice cleanses, I think there the bomb! Drinking a lot of juice is a great way to stay in shape and to keep your body healthy. I drank about 5 different juices a day, had tons of herbal teas, coconut water and a lot of mineral water. For dinner I only had raw veggies and 1 piece of fruit. So I said bye bye to coffee, carbs, dairy, meat and fish for about 4 days. 
You should all try it out! 
It's hard, but so worth it... You feel fit and your skin looks amazing, a great way to hit the summer.

Apr 22, 2012

Apr 18, 2012

Reality Ceesie

Ceesie has been followed around by a camera crew for the last 5 months.
A Belgian tv channel contacted me to make a documentary about my life in NYC and my life back home in Belgium.
They filmed the process of making my upcoming cookbook, fun times with my friends, on shoots, shows and castings.
I think it's hilarious that I'll see my face on Belgian tv in september. I've been already on tv but a whole documentary / reality show is kind of new to me.
Move over Kardashians here comes Cesar! ;-)

Apr 12, 2012


Ceesie discovered his new favorite procrastination , instagram.
I think it's a great way to document my travels and to look into the lives of different people.
Here are a few pics that I took with my Iphone, feel free to follow me @ceesie.

Apr 9, 2012


Easter weekend is over and Ceesie had a good one.
On sunday I went to the botanical gardens in Brooklyn to see the cherry blossoms... How pretty are those trees, so colorful and amazing.
The botanical gardens are nice to visit, a great thing to do when you wanna escape from the busy and hectic life style of Manhattan.
HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE, hope you didn't eat to much chocolates ;-)

Apr 5, 2012


Ceesie just went to see Titanic in 3D, a movie that all of you probably have seen.
It might sound a little cheesie and stupid but Titanic is one of my favorite movies in the world.
I know Titanic is not the BEST movie ever made but I guess Ceesie just has something with it.
When I was a kid I went to see the movie 9 times in the cinema and from the moment it came out on video I got it straight away and even now, when I have to be on a flight for a long time I still watch it.
Now after 15 years, it's back in theaters in 3D.
After watching it, probably for the 32nd time (no joke), I still loved it.
I guess Ceesie will always be passionate about the love story of Jack and Rose for the rest of his life.

Apr 2, 2012


Yesterday my friend and I went all the way uptown to do some shopping at my favorite store in NYC, Barneys.
Ceesie all exited and ready to spend went home with... nothing.
I hate those days when you safe up money to go shopping and at the end you find nada.
But I did see amazing stuff though, but everything was just SO expensive.
I tried on a pair of Dries van noten shoes and they were 1050 dollars, Ceesie almost fainted! A black simple Givenchy sweater was 750$ and a Burberry blazer 1800$. I mean... I know designer clothes are expensive but Ceesie has the feeling that they are losing it. I sometimes wonder if they're really worth the huge prices they demand? A person just doesn't have enough time to make that much money!