May 30, 2012


Today I was looking in a magazine called Twelve and suddenly I saw my face at the street style section.
When Ceesie walks in Soho, especially in the weekends, I get often stopped by a blogger or photographer to take a snapshot of my outfit. I never see any of those pictures, but now I did.
Another reason to always look HOT while walking down the streets of New York City! ;-)

May 23, 2012


Another thing I love that comes along with spring is that there are always fresh white asparagus on sale in Belgium. My dad makes the best asparagus you'll ever tried. He goes to an old farmer, 1 hour drive from my house, to get them freshly cut. In belgium the most common way to eat them is "op zijn vlaams" with scrabbled eggs and fresh parsley. But my dad makes them in all different ways.
I love asparagus, from since I was a kid we always had them during spring, sometimes everyday for 2 weeks in a row. Asparagus are not only tasty, they are also very good for you. They are low in calories and are very low in sodium and are a good source of dietary fiber and protein. Asparagus are also good for preventing rheumatism, heart disease and promotes sexual debility (desire).
The only bad thing is that your urine smells like... CAT PISS?

May 19, 2012

Being back home in Ghent makes me realise how pretty and quite my city really is.
Ghent is an amazing city to live in, full of nice little streets, waters and churches, something totally different than New York City.
Today Ghent is one of the biggest university cities in Belgium, but back in the days Ghent was one of the richest cities of northern Europe thanks to his world famous and super busy port.
When two of my best American friends, Paige and Lucy, came to visit me they both fell in love with my hometown.
Ceesie enjoys being back home but after 2 weeks home I'm done and ready to go back to the big apple.
I wonder if I'll ever be back for good in this small city...

May 15, 2012

mob wives

Yesterday was the season finale of one of my favorite reality shows ever on American tv: Mob Wives.The show follows 6 staten island women after their husbands or fathers are arrested and imprisoned for crimes connected to the mafia. The serie is just ridiculous in every single way. 
The 6 women are crazy, the clothes are horrible, the language is ****, but the show is just so funny and great to watch. Ceesie things that American tv is loco, totally over the top and hysterical. But I do love it, another guilty pleasure of Ceesie I guess. 

May 10, 2012

a classic concert turns in to a not so classic experience

Ceesie got invited to see a concert of the young upcoming artists at Juilliard art school @ lincoln center last night.
For me it was my first classic concert I ever went to. I was surprised how amazing and chic the people were at the venue. All these upper west side women, dressed in their most amazing outfits, with the most expensive 'van Cleef van Arpels' jewelry on and the most gorgeous shoes and handbags to match there divine outfits.
Ceesie loves going uptown!
The concert was impressive. First we saw a great pianist from Tel Aviv preform and after it was time for the lady gaga of the classic music, the rising star, Hahn-Bin. 
I think most of my readers never heard of Hahn-Bin before, so did Ceesie. Hahn-Bin is a Korean-Amerikan violist who started playing the violin when he was only five and made his international debut at the age of twelve at the grammy awards. 
Hahn-Bin's performances are noted for his unconventional presentations of classical music. He combines music with drama and visual elements, wears the most ridiculous outfits and has way to much make up on for a guy. But he plays the violin like just a few people can. I was perplexed by his performance and think it's great that someone dares to make classical music not so classic! The classical-music world needs to be shaken up a little bit and he's the one that does it. BRAVO!

May 6, 2012

just like a prayer

Ceesie thinks that churches in New york look fake... Every time I pass a church in the street I think, wow you look like a Disney castle.
Compare to churches in Europe they look weird and random.
I guess you don't really expect them in a city like New York.

May 1, 2012


In addition to restaurants, shopping, drinking and walking around with my parents we also did some cultural stuff. 
For the moment there are two great exhibitions showing in NYC, the first one is Cindy Sherman at the MOMA. I didn't really knew much about Cindy Sherman's work, but I was really impressed by her art. The  New York artist is crazy in my eyes. She takes conceptual portraits and dresses up in the most eccentric personas. Very fun and original to watch.
The other exhibition that we visited was Keith Harring at the Brooklyn museum. For people who never heard of Keith Harring, he is one of the best known American artist of the twentieth century. He died from aids at a very young age and was best known for his graffiti and cartoon art. 
Ceesie loved both exhibitions and thinks they're a total must see before the summer!