Jul 28, 2012


Ceesie has arrived in Ibiza!
For the second time in my life I'm on the island of fun, danger, sun, good food, great parties and amazing beaches.
I'm here for 7 days this time, but the first 3 days were already unforgettable...
Straight from the flight I met up with some of my friends who where on a boat... It was all just a blur to me or should I call it a dream?!
The boat was magnificent, chic and HUGE! I had fresh fish for lunch and jumped several times in the clear blue water to refresh.
The first night we stayed at a friends house who has an authentic Finca in the country side of Ibiza.
We enjoyed a nice dinner and Ceesie cooked some healthy salads from his upcoming cookbook and stayed the day after at the pool relaxing, tanning and picking fresh figs from the tree.
Today was just another day of doing nothing, eating, swimming and enjoying this amazing island.
Chic c'est la vie de Ceesie! ;-)

To be continued...

Jul 24, 2012

Gentse feesten

O M GUCCI! Finally "de gentse feesten" are O-V-E-R!
The 10 days festival in my city ghent is done and done.
I love/hate the Genste feesten. For me there are way to many people, to much noise and 10 days is just way to long for someone who lives in the city and can't escape from it.
But I have to admit that we have amazing parties and amazing street theatre during the festival.
You can party 24/7, 10 days long: DANGER for Ceesie!
Now another year of detoxing before going back to the 10 days of party hardy and drinking Irish coffees @ de vlasmarkt.

Jul 17, 2012


Ceesie is back in Belgium and has a new member in the family.
His name is perro and he's AMAZING!
To be honest I never had a big love for dogs... but after living in NYC with my roommates dog, Lula, I started to appreciate these adorable animals.
Perro is just too cute to function!!
Never thought Ceesie would say this, but I think I love dogs. ( or maybe just my dog )

Jul 12, 2012

Tomato juice

Is it weird that I always drink Tomato juice when I'm on a flight?
Ceesie barely drinks tomato juice when I'm on the ground, but when I'm in the sky I just can't get enough of this weird drink.

Jul 2, 2012

Hamptons chicness

Ceesie spend another amazing weekend at the Hamptons. But this weekend was a little different. To start... I didn't arrive by car, by train or by bus. Ceesie arrived by seaplane.
How chic is that?!
I had never flown with a seaplane before and this first experience was pretty amazing to me.
We took off at the east river of NYC and landed right in front of Sunset beach at shelter island, where I enjoyed an amazing dinner in the vineyard of the restaurant and saw The Virgins preform afterwards.
The whole weekend I stayed at Hilary Rhoda's cute house in South Hampton where we cooked, tanned by the pool, drank, danced (on scissor sisters new album) and relaxed.
On saturday night I got invited to a dinner at Lauren Santo Domingo's amazing house. It was probably one of the nicest and chicest garden dinners I ever got invited to. The catering was done by Roberta's in Brooklyn and the table decoration was IMPRESSIVE.
A weekend I will never forget thanks to Derek Blasberg and Hilary Rhoda.
Chic c'est la vie de Ceesie!

For more Hamptons weekend fun read Mr. Blasberg's amazing blog: http://www.mrblasberg.com/2012/07/01/3339/