Sep 30, 2012

sunday is brunch day

I don't know any other city in the world where brunch is so present on a sunday as in New York.
I sometimes have the feeling that brunch is a civic obsession here.
By living in the big apple I really enjoy and appreciate going for brunch on the weekends.
It's a fun way to heal the hangover and to catch up with your best friends.
The brunch menus of some restaurants are endless and sometimes ridiculous.
From pancakes or waffles to burgers, salads, eggs Benedicts or heavy pastas and the real New Yorkers flush it all down with unlimited mimosas or bloody marys.
But Ceesie's all time favorite is a greek yoghurt mixed with granola, fresh berries and dried fruits.
( Yes you're allowed to call me boring or a health freak )

Here are 3 of my favorite brunch places in NYC:
- The Smile, 26 Bond street
- Peels, 325 bowery
- Cafe Gitane, 242 Mott street

Sep 25, 2012


Ceesie just got back from Istanbul.
I was there for about 48 hours to shoot a campaign for a Turkish brand.
I have to say that I really liked Istanbul... the city is amazing!!
It's full of great historical buildings and cute areas filled with bars and yummie restaurants.
(Ceesie loves a good Turkish mezze!)
I was surprised by the number of people that live in this city, the population is over 13,5 million people.
So you can only imagine how much traffic and craziness there is.
Now back in sunny New York where it's Indian summer all the way.

Sep 19, 2012

Home is...

I think the hardest thing of being a model is to live out of a suitcase.
If people ask me where my home I still don't know what to answer... Is it Belgium? New York? or any other city in the world. I've been traveling between NY and Gent for the past 4 years now and it's gotten to that point where it's enough.
To be honest I can't wait to get my own place, my own sofa, my own bed and my own fridge...
I'm 24 years old now and I think it's time for Ceesie to settle down and to start thinking about the future.
I mean, as long as you don't have a real home you can't really start a real life, a stable relationship or be full on happy.

Sep 15, 2012


Ceesie is ALL over NYC; and when I say ALL OVER I mean ALL OVER!
It's kind of weird and scary to see your face on taxis, billboards and on every phone booth, but I don't hate it. ;-)
Here are a few pics that my friends have send me from all over the world:

Sep 11, 2012

Meet The Hilton Sisters

Fashion week is almost over and Ceesie had lots of kiki's.
As I'm not doing the shows this season, cause I was still in Belgium working on the cookbook during the castings, I went to see a few fashion shows and went to the best fashion parties.
But I guess one of my most craziest and unforgettable nights was Monday night.
I met up with my friend, Derek Blasberg, to go to the purple magazine dinner at the standard and when I arrived I was very surprised that his 2 friends were Paris and Nicky Hilton.
Ceesie all relaxed and down to earth acted like it was all normal and fun. (Inside I was screaming from excitement).
After the fancy dinner we drove with the sisters to the Opening Ceremony party where we saw my all time favorite rapster Lil' Kim perform.
Paris, Nicky and Ceesie went crazy on "how many licks" and had the best time ever.

Sep 8, 2012

back to NYC

Sorry I haven't been writing in a little while, but It's been crazy busy in ceesie's life.
After my amazing Shanghai trip I was in London for a weekend and after that I was back home to finish up my cookbook.
MODEL KITCHEN is done and done and ready for print!
SO exited to have the book finally in my hands in 2 months... Can't wait.
Now back in NYC for some new adventures, new jobs and new trips!
Here are a few more pics from my trip to China:

Sep 1, 2012


Ceesie has arrived in the city of the future, shanghai.
I flew all the way here to shoot the new linda farrow campaign.
My trip started off with an unforgetable experience. Checking in at heathrow I got an upgrate to fly from business to upper first, how chic is that?!
I had my own bed, tv, they gave me pijamas, there was even a bar that served cocktail through the entire flight, where I obviously was spending most of the time ;-)
It was the best flight ever!
Arrived in shanghai my friend and I went for great dumplings and walked around the city.
Now in Nanji where I will be shooting the campaign in a bamboo forest and underneed waterfalls.
To be continued...