Oct 27, 2012

Sober October

Ceesie decided to have a sober October. Why? hmmm... not sure.
To be more healthy? To challenge myself? To proof I could do it?
Between you and I sober October is BORING! I mean... Ceesie went to all these amazing events over the past month: Chanel dinner, Jimmy choo cocktail party, the Margiela for H&M event,... and not drinking while all your friends are getting tipsy on the best home made cocktails is just not fun while you're sober. I decided to start on september 27th and as today is october 27th Ceesie has accomplished the deal.
Tonight I'm celebrating Halloween and I'm telling you NYC, be ready for Ceesie cause I'll be having a huge KIKI.
Toast to the sober life!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 22, 2012


Ceesie just received the first copy of MODEL KITCHEN!!
My publisher shipped it all the way to NYC, so I could have a first look of the finished product.
I'm so happy, thankful and proud of what I've accomplished.
I really worked hard on it... I selected all the recipes, got in contact with the models, did the food styling myself. My friend, Maƫl, and I even cooked the food on the shoot ourselves.
I hope the book will be a HUGE success, when it goes on sale on november 7th in Belgium and hopefully soon in other places in the world, as we are currently shopping for the right publisher in the US.
Now I can finally delete it from my bucket list... What's next? A club hit?

Oct 18, 2012

I hate...

- slow walkers.
- leaving the house and thinking that you didn't turn off the stove.
- having an early call time.
- flying over seas in a middle seat.
- being hungover at a family dinner.
- being stuck on the subway for 30 minutes.
- ordering a vodka soda and when you receive the drink it just tastes like soda: where is the vodka?
- people being late.
- rain on a holiday.
- waiting for over 1 hour to get your food in a restaurant.
- seeing that someone saw your bbm , but no reply.
- having amazing campaign options and no confirmations.
- being sick on new years.
- rain and no umbrella.
- white shoes and dog shit = BAD COMBO!
- hosting your own birthday party.
- the guilty feeling after eating a hamburger.
- when dry cleaning ruined your favorite leather jacket.
- a latte without foam.
- not finding your keys while you're already late.
- the feeling of wet swimwear on your skin.
- traffic.
- Nicolas Cage

Oct 10, 2012


Yesterday was a big day for ceesie, a 1 hour long reality/documentary program about my life between modeling in NYC and my life back home in Belgium was all on TV.
They showed Ceesie's Armani Exchange shoot, Ceesie working on his cookbook and Ceesie spending time during christmas with his family and friends.
A good mix of the hard working model/chef and the crazy Ceesie just the way all my friends know me as.

Here are a few clips that I found on the internet, enjoy:

Oct 7, 2012


The sad thing about graduating from high school in Europe is that you don't have a prom.
When I was a teenager all my friends and I were obsessed with American high school movies. We saw them all (means girls, bring it on, never been kissed, she's all that, clueless, heathers,...)  and every time we left the cinema we were most upset about the fact that you, Americans, had a prom.
I mean, how amazing wouldn't it be to be voted prom king of your school?
I guess Ceesie will never know how it feels...

Oct 3, 2012

Paris Fashion week

Paris Fashion week is OVER, Finally!
I'm very sad I didn't make it to Paris this season, so I went on style.com to look up all the best shows.
To be honest I was a little disappointed in some brands.
Here are Ceesie's selections of my 2 favorite brands that really surprised me.
Saint Laurent and Balenciaga can both go home with the trophy for best collection of Paris Fashion week.

Here are some of my favorite looks: