Nov 18, 2013

City of Angels

Ceesie just got back from the City of Angels.
I love LA: the people, the atmosphere, Hollywood, the sunshine, the food, the healthy lifestyle, the beaches,...
I was there for 4 full days and had the best time. (I think short city trips are the best, cause you don't get to see everything and so there's a reason to go back)
Ceesie got to explore some great art, had amazing dinners (more about that in the next post) , did a little bit of shopping, went to the beach, spotted some celebrities (cause that's what we all secretly hope to see when we're going to LA)  and had some great work meetings. So in the end it was a productive and fun trip!
I got to stay with my close friend Calvin in Downtown LA and was surrounded by Asians most of the time, Asian invasion!
Thank god they had a car, cause no car in Los Angeles means no fun!
Now back in NY where the temperature is slowly cooling down and the Christmas lights are starting to shine.


Anonymous said...

SO cool!! All of the pictires!!!

Aleena said...

LOVE UR BLOG! would you like to follow each other?
following you now

Anonymous said...

hi cesar , I just wanted to say that I think you're a fantastic person , you have it all : funny , sweet , charming...
I started reading your blog and I got so into it, I couldn't stop clicking on the older post link and so I found your post of I love black people : well , I am black and indeed I adore chicken and I adore you. I constantly spin my head about the fact that you're the best!!! How can someone be so gorgeous from the outside as well as from the inside. I looked up the best male model and I saw that he made approximately 1.5 million dollars, I want to bet that you are going to outclass that big time !!! YOU ROCK