Dec 2, 2013


Here are some of my favorite spots to eat (and drink) in the city of angels:

Joan's on third.
(was the first place my friend took me and maybe the best.)
This cute restaurant is the perfect place for lunch or brunch.
Inside the store/restaurant you can choose what you want to have: mixed vegetables, pancakes, eggs or just a simple smoothie. It reminded me of a small Dean and Deluca with an outside terrace.
The food we ordered was very healthy and fresh, just the way Ceesie likes it.

The chateau Marmont:
A must see when you come visit Los Angeles. This Hotel is very chic and reminds me of a haunted castle. Many celebrities or people in the fashion industry stay there, so if you're lucky you might wine and dine with someone famous next to you.
The food we had was not that great but the outside area is perfect for a cocktail or a nice glass of vino tinto.
They recently opened the "Chateau Marmont bar", where we went as well, it's right next door and they serve better food in my opinion.

This cute French bistrot / restaurant is a perfect place for happy hour. My friends and I had carpaccio, oysters and fried calamari with 3 glasses of rosé and we each payed 10 dollars. The food was good, the atmosphere was perfect, the people were nice and the bill was even better!

This is another great spot for a lovely relaxing dinner. Located at Venice beach, Gjelina is a perfect place for a candle light dinner. Super cute with an outside area. We all got different plates and shared everything, cause sharing is caring. ;-)

Korea Town:
Try one of the many 24hour Korean restaurants in Korea Town. We all went there after our wild night out. Ceesie is obsessed with Korean food and ordered almost everything that was on the menu. (I don't remember if it was good, but I'm sure it was as we finished EVERYTHING! #DRUNKCEESIE)


Anonymous said...

what a great post.
love your blog
thanx for sharing


Anonymous said...

hi cesar , I just wanted to say that I think you're a fantastic person , you have it all : funny , sweet , charming...
I started reading your blog and I got so into it, I couldn't stop clicking on the older post link and so I found your post of I love black people : well , I am black and indeed I adore chicken and I adore you. I constantly spin my head about the fact that you're the best!!! How can someone be so gorgeous from the outside as well as from the inside. I looked up the best male model and I saw that he made approximately 1.5 million dollars, I want to bet that you are going to outclass that big time !!! YOU ROCK

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