Feb 12, 2014

overpriced Sydney

Ceesie thought New York was an expensive city to live in, well Sydney is way more expensive. Not only am I talking about rent or public transportation, but just the simple things are way overpriced. Let me give you some examples of things Ceesie bought this week and where he was in shock from:

- A small bottle of water: 3 dollars
- A bag of caramel popcorn: 5.50 dollars
- 1 chicken breast at the butcher: 7 dollars
- 1 Avocado: 4,50 dollar
- A cocktail at a nice bar: 19 dollars
- 1 cinema ticket: 20 dollars
- a pack of gum: 4 dollars
- 1 single bus ticket: 3.90 dollars
and Ceesie can go on and on…
Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying for stuff but I just hate it when it's overpriced and totally ridiculous. Guess people here make way more money than we do in Europe and the US.


Anonymous said...

Where can I purchase your cookbook "Model Kitchen"?

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