May 20, 2014


Ceesie has been doing an internship at PR consulting for over one month now and I have to say : I LOVE IT.
Being a male model is not always that easy, or maybe it's a little TOO EASY.
Since I published my book and finished designing my collection for Essentiel (that comes out beginning of October) I felt a little lost. New York is a great city to live in but if you don't have a daily routine/job you can get a little mad, or at least that how Ceesie went.
So I came in for an interview at PR consulting and they hired me straight away.
I always thought that working in PR is interesting and even though I prefer to be inside the party than outside the party, I feel like I'm learning a lot and that I'm more productive than ever before.
As a model you need to think about the future and Ceesie thinks it's important to always be one step ahead of everything.


Anonymous said...

I had to study 4 years to become a PR. I think it's just wrong to assume you can learn all that in an internship. Follow lots of smart models choice, and go back to school, if you feel PR could be a next step for you. Wish you the best.

Shay A. said...

Hey Ceasar, you're so amazing! Being realistic and futuristic plus the good looks? Oh yeah, you rock!

Catarina C. said...

That's great! It's always nice to find something we're good at. xx