Jul 17, 2014

Seoul I love you

Time flies. 3 weeks Korea has passed by so fast it's scary. 
Like always , Ceesie had a great and unforgettable time in his favorite Asian city. 
I lived extremely healthy for 3 weeks (no alcohol, no dairy, no bread and almost no sweets) and i'm going back with a ton of great energy and some unforgettable memories. What more can my body and mind ask for?
Seoul is one of those cities a tourist wouldn't immediately think of going. 
You would more easily go to Hong Kong, Tokyo or Bangkok but Ceesie is telling you GO visit Seoul. It's a huge city with so much to do. The small different neighborhoods all have their own style and atmosphere and that's what makes it so fun. The food is by far the best Asian their is and the people speak much better English then in Japan, so it's a lot easier to get around.
Trust Ceesie, you won't regret going.


Tine said...

I am going to Seoul in september. Any recommendations? :-)

Anonymous said...

You are the most flawless human being in the whole world. Staring your eyes is like a decompression

Flor said...

All those things look delicious!!! Now I feel a little hungry just to see all those Asian specialties, merci Ceesie... :)

Anonymous said...

Im ur korean fan!!
Thanks for saying that!! :)
Love u ♥♥♥♥