Aug 6, 2014


Ceesie never makes any promotion on his blog, but when it comes to family I feel like I have to support my own flesh and blood…
My lovely cousin just started her own event company: HOORAY!
She organizes birthday parties, weddings, baby showers and much more. (
A few weeks ago I asked her to help me organize my Birthday dinner and what an amazing job she did. The gorgeous flowers came from the best flower shop in Gent 'Bos Bloemen' and the plates she painted herself.
Ceesie was so happy and excited to invite all his close friends together to enjoy an unforgettable birthday dinner. (with an even better after-party afterwards, DU-UH)
My dad cooked the best food and everyone had a great time.
Thanks again daddy cool and Julie!
Here are some images of the table decoration:

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Anonymous said...

Okay so I have been looking for your book for well over a year now. Is there anyway you could just sell them through your site?! Or can I pay by paypal? Thanks!